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Saturday, December 4, 2010


Today I attended the BDOTNET UG meeting at MICROSOFT Microsoft Signature Building - Atrium, EGL, Koramangala ring road, Near Domlur, old airport road, Bangalore.Since long time am a member of the group and love to attain each session. You will come to know about new technology, lovely tips , amazing tricks, you will get a chance to meet the PERFECTIONIST of MS Technologies. I want to share some point what we learned from @Vinodk_sql and @msigeek Vijay raj in today's session.

Myth Buster in SQL
1) Check constraint is a perfromance booster.
2) When you are using nested transaction, Once you rollback the main transaction everything will be rolled back(even if you have committed the inner one).
3) The sequence how triggers fires is : i) Action ii)Trigger iii)Rollback
4) Though we are using clustered index, still physical and logical order of placing data is different.
5) Truncate statment also keeps log, not delete only.(Common Interview question)
6) Got to know that SQL Server also believes in GHOST. The records marked for deletion are cleared up by Ghost Cleanup.

For more details you have to visit Vinod's blog http://www.extremeexperts.com/ or http://bdotnet.in

@msigeek Vijay raj displayed the way Microsoft Installer can be used and how it helps in packaging and easy install. He showed us the microsoft client profile configuration designer and gave us nice tips and tricks.
It was really a informative session and believe me once you join us in these session only you will come to know that you can think more on what you are doing and can find out easiest way to do it.

So friends join BDOTNET and be a member today , register yourself for the SMS facility and get invitation on your mobile http://bdotnet.in/


Friday, September 3, 2010

Teacher's Day: The blessing I received..........

Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan
Born to a brahmin family in Tiruttani in Tamil Nadu state, education from Primary Board High School at Tirutani., Hermansburg Evangelical Lutheral Mission School in Tirupati, Voorhee's College in Vellore , Madras Christian College , Professor of Philosophy in the University of Mysore, the Vice-Chancellor of Andhra University, Vice-Chancellor of Banaras Hindu University , Ambassador of India to the Soviet Union,  also elected to the Constituent Assembly of India, the first Vice-President of India , the second President of India, Professor of Eastern Religions and Ethics at Oxford University, fellow of the British Academy, awarded the Bharat Ratna ,  the Order of Merit ,  received the Peace Prize of the German Book Trade , the Templeton Prize , donated the entire amount of the Templeton Prize to Oxford University, the Oxford University instituted the Radhakrishnan Scholarships in his memory ( "Radhakrishna Chevening Scholarships"). Lets remember the great teacher on TEACHER'S DAY.

 "Those who educate children well are more to be honored than parents, for these only gave life, those the art of living well." - Aristotle

My Teachers

MY First Teachers: My Father Late Sudam Ch. Dash was my first teacher, he taught me the basic values of life and how to give respect to talent irrespective cast and wealth. Till class four everyday he was teaching us from 6 to 8 PM(after that we went to some tution classes). He taught us some samskrit slokas which I still remember ...it goes like "Paropkaraya phalanti brukhsya, paropkarya bahanti nadya, paropkaraya dudhanti gava, paropkaraya idam sariram". Also my mother Late Sureshwari Dash taught me to fight the battle of life by saying "Stay cool and go ahead". If I will not obey her and skip my evening study time then she used to say "Kahari kichi jiba nahi to bana budiba gosain".......

During one of my friend's wedding(Ramesh) in Bargarh this year in june, I met our UP school Head Master Sri TulasiRam Pradhan(Rececipent of Rashtrapati Award). He is very old now and was bit sick, but inspite of that difficulties he attended the reception and blessed the couple. He was standing  in a corner with "Jyshobanti Guruma" and was discussing something. I saw them and went there and as usual I said "Angya Namaskar". Jyshobanti Guruma asked Tulasi Angya.."Do you remember him?" , Suddenly a tearful eyes said "Because of these people I got award from President and am recorgnised as a good Teacher everywhere"..."Emane mor chua aan"..."eeta aamar Manas aaye". "Kenta aachu bo babu...Bhagwan tate bhal bhabe rakhitaun..Tor Bapara na ke sarthak karbu..sabku sabubele khushi debu".. Jyshobanti guruma said "Bad te chkari kalana".. Tulasi Aangya said "Karba nai, Hatpada School ra chua aaye, aamar aashirwad sabubele tar sange aache". I was feeling great because still my teachers remember me and all my activities and we are just like the old school boys for them. Now a days we are making ourselves very busy in professional life and occupied with family responsibilities and may be not remebering our teachers, who had placed us in a respectful postion in the society. But still they have the same love and affection for us.

I still remember the Teacher's Day celebration. We used to prepare debate and songs and on that day we will stand in a line to take the blessings of our teacher....Can't we go back to those days??????

During my High School days once Our teacher Sri Susil Dash said "Tume gadha jadi phel heba ...khali tumar handwriting lagi phel heba". I was very much upset for a few days...then he called me once again and said "eehade bhi time aache ..practice kara...mor tumar upre pura biswas aache je tume bahut bhal karba". I tried a lot for so many days and still trying also for better handwriting(now somewhat manageable). Now a days I am not writing that much (due to computerisied work culture) but still I remeber him whenever i write something.

Those who stood first in school events(Town High School) they can participate in block level OSTA competetions. I stood 2nd in QUIZ so was not selected. One of the boy's name appeared twice in the list (in QUIZ and in Essay), but he can only participate in one. That day while I was roaming arround the school field, one of our High School Teacher Sri Khageswar Meher(popularly know as Meher Aangya) called me and told come to the Head Master's room. I went there and our Head Master Sri Narsingh Bishi asked me "why do you stood second in QUIZ?". I kept quite ..he scolded me for that and then they told  "don't worry ...we called you to inform that you will be representing our school in the OSTA quiz competions, go and practice hard and remember don't come back with empty hand". I felt very happy and participated in that block level competition and stood First in the QUIZ and again represented our block in Sambalpur( but stood 4th there). Here I learned that you know less about your potential than your teacher. They have already discovered you through your potential so obey their advice and work on them. We had a small "QUIZ Society", under the mentorship of Sri Sushil Dash and we used to practice during the last period of the day.

During  my college days I attainded a NSS camp in a near by village(I was the team leader). After working very hard for some 10 days we decided to give away the best Volunteer Award. Our guide "Shri Prahallad Dora" came to me and asked "who do you think is suitable for it". I promptly replied "Bharat". He was quite for some time and said "You know I have always kept a  little soft corner in my heart for you, and today I am proud of you for your decision".
Three or four months back I met him near Main Road, Bargarh and he spent arround 20 mintues and asked me about my job , life , health and everything and said "still I remeber those NSS days and hopefully now also you must be doing the good work for the society with same spirit and motive".

"Basics are important for a person to excel in every sphere of life. Concentrate on your basics and never ask for spoon feeding" said Lalit sir ...Sri Lalit Kumar Barik (My Mentor, Guru, Guide of my life's journey, my technical advisor). Even today also if I face any kind of problem either relating to professional or personal life... I used to call him and he will solve that within minutes. He is the one who changed my attitude towards life and forced me to think about the broader aspect of life and advice me to do somthing that he alwayas dreamed of. Even I remember the time when I have some issues in my career or studies and if I will ask my parents .."what to do?". They will adivce me "Speak to your lalit sir and check if he has something for you". Now my parents are no more but I can connect to them through the advices of Lalit sir.

I salute all my teachers including Santanu sir (a philospher with his own way of analysing life), Mishra sir of Patharla UP School, Sri Annada Bishi, Shatni Guruma, Snehalata guruma, Sujata Guruma, Tapaswini guruma, Basanti Guruma, Hota sir, Manas Sir, Dilip Sir, Mahendra Sir. Surendra sir, Late Shri Bipin Dash, Sri Chitta Ranjan Pradhan, Ranjan Sir, Ganesh Sir, Sushree Madam and last but not the least Jiten Sir(who gave a professional touch to my career). (All these respected  people are from Hatpada UP School, Town High School, Panchayat College, MCA and NIIT days).

NB. I might have missed some of my teachers name but still if I close my eyes ...I can see them.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Happy Friendship Day

"The best mirror is an old friend."

- George Herbert

I still remember the following things....

1) A small cycle where 3 friends used to seat and to go for a long ride......till Panchayat college.
2) "Bagichare phoola toliba mana" ..the sign which we placed with friends in school garden.
3) One of my friend purchased two books, one for him and for other friend who was not able to get it.
4) Equal division of tiffin box at high school.
5) All started crying during the final days of Graduations.
6) The evening meeting after our Head Master Tulsiram Pradhan got "Rastrapati Puraskar".
7) The CD ROM, MD ROM and RD ROM.
8) Injection and madam with white sarees...Scaring some one very much.
9) Shanti Sabdhan Prarthana Aarambha.
10) We played sambalpuri music while playing the parade drums and were punished for that.
11) 3 idiots seating on the top of "College Pahad" and planning seriously about life.
12) 5 star cricket team...wake up at 5 and be the alaram for other 10.
13) Cried a lot after watching the movie "Dil Chahata Hai".
14) Always missing my MCA days.
15) The count goes on.......

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Think like a KID even you are grownup

Two incidents of my life (On the same day)

I was eagerly waiting for the BBSR-BloreCity train  as one of my friend was coming in that. After waiting for arround 15 mintues , I heard somebody was crying. It was this lady who was just standing near to me and her son (10 yrs old)was also there. I took interest and came to know that the kid was going to a boarding school and her mother was going to miss him. But to my surprise I also noticed that the kid was consoling her by telling "Mamma don't worry, I will be ok there...I will take my food on time...I will concentrate on my studies..You just take care of Daddy!!!!!.

Then suddenly an announcement was made "BBSR - Blore train is arrving on the platform no 4". So without spending a little time I ran away from there and came to paltform no 4(I was there in the platform 1). Even there I waited for arround 10 mintutes. Suddenly the same story was repeated!!!. I felt  somebody  was crying!!! But this time it was a gentle man (arround 28-30) who was there to catch his train to somewhere outside. But to my surprise, his mother was telling him..."Don't cry....You are grown up now...You can take care of yourself...Eat well...Try to concentrate on job!!!!!!

I was confused as these two incidents forced me to think about a question "Whether to always think like that  kid .....even if you are grown up?

Any way within next 5 minutes my friend came and we came back to our room and discussed the incidence but were still confused and missed our childhood days(discussed the childhood stories for more than 7 hrs...till 3.40am)

Monday, May 10, 2010

cool stuffs from OOPS

1) Do private members of the BASE class are derived by the child class?
Ans: Yes they are derived but are not accessible in child class. Public/Private/Protected are used for achieving access level rights.
2) What are the three things that comes to your mind when you think about OOPS?
Ans: Inheritance, Polymorphism, Abstraction/Encapsulation
3) Why C# doesn't support multiple Inheritance?
Ans: A known problem called "Diamond of Death" will occur if one class will extends multiple classes and the base classes might have derived from a single base class.
But in some other way it seems it is supporting.
i) For example a class can implements multiple Interfaces.
ii) More appropriate example will be an Interface can implement more than one Interface.
4) interfaces do not provide a default implementation
5) What are the ways by which you can make sure that a class can not be inherited by other classes.
Ans: i) make it sealed (C#)
ii) Declare the constructor as private.
6) What are accessor and mutator?
Ans: Accessor and Mutator helps in achieving Encapsulation.An accessor is a method that provide info on object. They are genrally properties which have a get method.On the other side Mutators can modify an object's state. They are the set method in a properties.

Keep watching this space for some extra innings from OOPS.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Exceptions...Lets Handle it.

It is always advisable to handle EXCEPTIONs properly in your code(provided that the programming language has a support for it). Its a standard practice and the best way to handle surprised or "MY God!!!" type errors .

So you must be aware that its better to be specific while handling errors. Instead of going for a big basket (Exception class in general) choose a specilised exception(for example IOException). Because this will help you not only tracking where the bug is but also reduce debugging time.
Now thats not the point of this topic. When you are very much specific that a particular type of error is going to occur, why don't you validate instead of going for exception way!!! That may be a more accurate way of not letting the exception to occur. If you know that divide by zero exception is going to occur in your code, then validate the number before hand and pass the non zero arguments so that you will save execution time.

So its completely depends on the requirement, study it properly and go for some validation (as applicable) rather putting more efforts on exception for the same.

Happy Coding...Keep smiling